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Dead Space: Extraction might not be a Wii exclusive after all

Posted on July 25, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Dead Space: Extraction has long been known as a title only for Wii, but now there appears to be a fairly strong chance that the game could see a release on other platforms – at least if teased words from the game’s producer have any meaning.

At Comic-Con last night, EA held an “Art of Making a Horror Video Game” panel and one of the questions brought up was whether Extraction is a Wii exclusive. Steve Papoutsis, executive producer of the title, said that it is “right now” and added that the question asked was “interesting.” An iPhone version wasn’t exactly ruled out either. Papoutsis noted that the concept of an iPhone version sounds “pretty cool,” but it didn’t look as though he wanted to comment completely. Where Extraction may end up in the future is unknown for now, but discussion from last night’s panel seems to be hinting that the game won’t be an exclusive down the road. There doesn’t appear to be any other reason why Papoutsis would say that it’s Wii-only “right now” instead of simply stating that it is – and will remain as – an exclusive for Nintendo’s console.

There were also a few new/old details discussed during the panel which you can check out below.

– Dev team encountered problems with story telling because players don’t complete games with one session
– Wanted to make sure that Extraction wouldn’t interfere with the overall storyline of Dead Space (no contradictions)
– Lighting was important for the dev team so that gamers’ attention could be focused at a particular area
– Depending on whether the title is successful, there may/may not be another animated feature
– More info will be provided regarding Issac, events from the original game
– Extraction was always planned to be from the first-person perspective
– Three new weapons in Extraction

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