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New Wii app attemps to help others quit smoking

Posted on July 10, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

There have been a number of different applications for Wii including the News Channel, Weather Channel, and even a food ordering channel (Japan only). However, none are as unique as Silver Star Japan’s newest tool for WiiWare: Easy Non Smoking Appli Wii. You can probably guess what this application is all about, but details can be read below.

– Called Raku Raku Kinen Appli Wii (“Easy Non Smoking Appli Wii”)
– Teachers others how to quit smoking in seven days
– Application also has a book
– Releasing July 14
– Smoking/Non Smoking modes
– Smoking mode – measure smoking status with Smoking Counter, record Smoking History
– Non Smoking mode – smoking journal -> answer questions
– 4 people can use the application at once
– Mii support
– 1,000 points

Small update: Wanted to thank Jake again with some help with translating!

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