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More EA sports details

Posted on May 27, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Madden NFL 09

– Controls tweaked, less gestures
– Call Your Shots feature – draw path for player to follow
– Vibrant, arcade graphics
– With All-Play turned on: “Controls are simpler, the playbook is slimmed down, and potential annoyances such as the playclock are turned off.” Also, when running the ball, there is a better chance of avoiding the first tackle
– 5-on-5: “Backyard styled graphics and gameplay” – big heads, backyard rules
– Updateable rosters probable, live scores from NFL games, leaderboards, more online functions
– John Madden + Al Michaels doing the commentary
– Miis will show up: “Refer-Mii”


– All-Play assists new players (like the other EA titles)
– Classic, GameCube, Wii controller (with pointer/regular method), Wiimote + Nunchuck controller options
– Footii Party: Minigames + New Footii Match
– Support over 500 teams, 14,000 players with appropriate attribute + stats
– Online: Interactive Leagues, see the control set up of opponents before matches

NCAA Football

– Simple gestures in All-Play
– Change All-Play settings on the fly
– Over 200 teams
– Three levels of play-calling for All Play – Ask Coach, pared-down playbook, complete playbook
– Ask Coach: Gives you a play, advice
– Crowd Hype minigame: The better you do, the bigger your audience – More people in the audience helps increase stats
– Gameplay faster than in previous versions

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

– A lot of effort being put into realistic swing
– Club Tuner feature: adjust any club in your bag
– Simultaneous online play
– All-Play isn’t as big as in the other EA games: Preview your arc to see where the ball will end up
– More courses, players
– 3/5 new courses based outside of North America (South Africa, Shanghai, England)
– International players available
– Set for August release

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