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Vicarious Visions reveals Mixed Messages for DSiWare

Posted on April 6, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

– Write a sentence, then give system to another player who draws a picture based on what you wrote
– Then a third player tries to create a sentence that explains what the second player drew
– Cycle continues
– Game has a clear interface
– Can enter your name before each round
– Has a history of existing players/previous rounds
– Rounds saved at end of a turn
– 2-21 players
– Will release during launch window of DSi – no price yet

“We took it to Activision and Nintendo and everyone loved it. But the big problem was that although the game itself was pretty small in terms of file size, it really needed a lot of rewriteable flash memory to store all the save games. There was no cartridge available at the time for Nintendo DS that could support that save game file size the game needed…When we started working with the DSi platform it became immediately clear that it’s the perfect platform for Mixed Messages. DSiWare was the perfect service to get the game out to everyone…Since you take turns alternating writing sentences and drawing pictures, it works the best when you have an odd number of players,” he said. “If you have an even number of players, the game auto generates a really funny starter sentence from a database of nouns, verbs and phrases…We had an internal site that had dozens of game sessions posted and it was just hilarious to read – and even more fun playing it at lunch time or when were out to dinner. So it seemed like it would be great if we could share it with the world.” – Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions


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