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New details on Kizuna – more than 100 enemies on screen, 100 different quests, more

Posted on March 23, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

– Jaleco not closing
– Kizuna being developed by TownFactory
– Written by Final Fantasy XII and Sword of Mana scenario designer Miwa Shoda
– Yoichi Kawaguchi the director (main programmer of Dragon Quest VIII)
– Story: Lian, a soldier, looking for father who has mysteriously disappeared – overcome personality, form bonds with others
– 100 different quests
– Aina another character – royal princess of Navigatria kingdom – magician ancestry
– Battle system allows for over 100 monsters to appear on screen at the same time
– Uses Wiimote + nunchuck – “easy-operating battle system”
– Ken Inaoka doing the soundtrack
– Jaleco working on other titles as well
– Possibility of bringing Kizuna outside of Japan:

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you yet, but wait for it.” – Jaleco Limited press spokesperson Yuki Takakura


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