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Miyamoto sheds light on Link’s Crossbow Training, Zelda in general

Posted on May 8, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii


Link’s Crossbow Training may have launched way back in November of last year, but today, an Iwata Asks interview of the game has been posted on the official Wii website. The Iwata Asks interviews typically consist of interviewing key members of a particular first-party title. In this case, only Shigeru Miyamoto was interviewed, but interesting facts were presented. First off, Miyamoto explained that originally, Miyamoto posed the idea of the game being in the third-person perspective. However, once the idea of a young/adult Link concept came into play, a third-person perspective seemed to be the best idea. Also noteworthy is that “Link’s Crossbow Training” was decided instead of the typical “The Legend of Zelda:…” title so that gamers would not be mislead into thinking that the game is an original, grand-scale Zelda title. Link’s Crossbow Training was initially going to receive a storyline, but Miyamoto’s intention was to create a side-story to Twilight Princess with this game, not an epic game – Thus, the concept of including a storyline was scrapped.

Read the interview here, which includes the origins of the Wii Zapper (And more!)

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