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New multiplayer details for The Conduit

Posted on April 15, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

More details on The Conduit’s multiplayer functionality have been revealed, including why the development team shortened the number of players online from 16 to 12.

– Changed from 16 players online to 12 for better balance/gamer performance
– Free for All – fast match, finishes when a player reaches specified kill count
– Marathon – Have the highest kill count at the end of the specified time limit
– Three Strikes – Only have 3 lives to play with
– Last Man Standing – Be the last player to survive
– ASE Football – Tag game – Player who holds on to ASE for the longest time is the winner
– Bounty Hunter – Players go after specified player, if you hit an incorrect player you receive a penalty
– Team Reaper – Quick Match/Marathon, Shared Stock as well – Have additional lives from a pool
– Team Objective – CTF mode with ASE – Teams need to obtain own ASE
– Another mode requires teams to obtain one ASE – team that takes in the most in specified time limit wins
– WiiSpeak support reconfirmed
– Can only hear players that are closest – will hear 6 players are the most while battling

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